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"Lirazel gave me these questions to answer....."

Questions for Ancientone

1) I take it you believe yourself to be older than the "average" LJ user--or, perhaps, a reincarate Pharoah. In any case, where, when, and under what circumstances did you first use a computer on a regular basis?

First off, the name "Ancientone" was given to me off of the AFD Dragonball Newsgroup. They had an age survey going on, and after like 3 separate occasions,it turned out I was the oldest person on the newsgroup. I think thats probably because I was born on December 10, 1949. I'm older than most of the parents of the folks who are on LJ!

Ok, your question about computers...
Where: The Grand Valley State University Allendale Michigan
When: 1981
Under what circumstances: I was majoring in Computer Science and was hooked up to a Hazeltine 1200 terminal, which was hard wired into a Xerox Mainframe computer running Honeywell's new operating system, CP-V. I learned how to make Algorithms and Fortran, Cobol and that yuckie language, BASIC.

2) Why do you live where you live?

Cause I bought the house I live in from my mom, who decided at the ripe young age of 71, that she wanted to date and move down to Arizona and marry her high school sweetheart ( class of 1933!).
She tried to sell it, but no offers. So to help make her wishes and dreams come true, I bought the house. This way, it was still in the old family.
The Why do I live here yet is simple. I love the Michigan state and weather. I love to skin dive and this is the best state to do that.

3) What is your definition of hope (aside from "The thing with feathers." :))

Hope....why thats the loving look on a new born infant, who is being held by her mom for the very first time.. Thats the twinkle in the eye of an 99 year old man, who can't walk anymore without help, but finds something to laugh about and smiles at the world.
Thats the lack of hate from a mother,for the person(s) responsible for the death of her son/daughter, who was just killed in a senseless accident.

4) Who was your first "best friend", and how long were you friends for?

My best, first friend would have been Steve Hench. It was sixth grade and we were trying to out do each other by reading the most books and writing up book reports. I guess we did that for about 1 year. Sounds sad??? Nope. He's an editor out in LA and also writes Screen plays. I also write, and hope to one day polish the stuff and publish it. Now that would really be one heck of a grade school kick!!

5) Chocolate or cheese?
No contest.....CHOCOLATE. What else. yum.

Ok, now would any of you like me to ask you questions???
I thought not.. pluck pluck...chickens!!
( smiles and cackles to himself)

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