Ancientone... (ancientone) wrote,

Guess who gets to go to the Dr.s tomorrow???
Ah, 65 degree weather, NO SNOW! and now I get to throw good money away going to the Dr.s. Sigh. I guess its for the best. I just had a little scare, there was a post about PAY PAL not being all it said it is. I'm going to investigate more. I hope this is all wrong. With everything else we;ve got going in the world, this bs just isn't needed.
I got my super nice Christmas Cards done. i printed 3 special ones for old professors I know. They should get a bang out of it: they show the bridge that spanded the ravines at college. We called it " The Little Mac", cause, it never joined in the middle. Good engineering feat, what.
Time to get ready I suppose.
I'll finish this tomorrow, if I go to the Dr.s. I can use that money to buy YOU a expensive gift. oh well.....

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