Ancientone... (ancientone) wrote,

yup. cloudy, cold but no snow. YET.

Yesterday was an ok day. Ok that my radio had to leave so the team could try and hitch it up to a computer and program it that way. I received my very first Solid State Drive, and wow, is it ever light.  a 500 gig HD cost $79.00!  My last analog HD cost about $98.00 and was a whole Terabyte. What a difference  a few years can make! But the SSD was for a friend. I'm still holding out for making my next generation computer. "Do i really need 124 gigs of Ram?  LOL. Well, if i'm only running Microsoft Office professional, the answer would be YES.
Today is laundry day and what a dream i had last night: i woke up today thinking it was Sunday?? I actually turned the TV on and was looking for "Meet the Press". Wow. some dream.
ok, time to get with it. The cat is calling me.
 I'm off

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