Ancientone... (ancientone) wrote,

It's "TGIF". Yay us.

YES! It's TGIF. That means we can drive to the store and buy a few pounds of "DE-Icer". We'll need it! I already have I.C.E. formed on my steps! Now that is not nice. Not at all!. A week ago, it was the day after Halloween, and now.....
Yesterday was a day for the books!. First off, Comcast dude came over and decided that it was indicated to replace the cable from the telephone pole to my house. The temp was 34 degrees! Yes, he did it. all better. Then off to grocery store, where I couldn't find any de-icer???? ok, they just have to get it on the floor, right?
Then a guy came over to put the other clubs UHF repeater frequency into my radio. Well, he ended up erasing the whole program, so now I can listen to noise. YAY me. Thats how my Friday turned out. How about you? But on a good note: the cat let me (us) sleep in.
I'm off

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