Ancientone... (ancientone) wrote,

Yes, today would be a nice day to spend at the spa.

Ah.Warm steam rising, filling your nostrils.Chating with your fellow Spa friends.There's nothing like visiting a SPA on a cold, snowy day.specially, if you "Think" you might have to go outside and shovel. Which, we won't have to do.  "Yet". "Why" you ask?  Why it's HUMP DAY, of course.  It's against the law to shovel snow on Hump Day. Everybody knows that. Right?  Then after the SPA, go do some laps in the heated pool. Ah, life is good.  Imagination is much better. I did all that, without leaving the house. Didn't get cold or slipped once!  Now thats a win win situation. Ah, Lifes good.
i'm off


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