Ancientone... (ancientone) wrote,

Here comes the winter weather....and how!

I decided a good family movie would hit the mark last night. So we, the cat and I, watched " Dante's Inferno!". When the movie ended, we were both hiding under the bed!  Tonight is the really scary entertainment: The voting results will be posted!  YUCK!.  I wish it were November 2020 already. Enought said.
Today i walked up to the avenue to get !. Candy bar!.  It didn't turn out like that though. I got 3 bars and 3 sweet rolls for "A Friend!". who is also on a diet. ( so he thinks!)  Now i have to transfer photographs from my cell phone to this computer. I did it before, but not a not of reasons to do it since.  Till now. Cross your finger!
Ok, it's cold out and that wind is nasty. Cover your ears and hands.
I'm off


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