Ancientone... (ancientone) wrote,


"Trick or  Treat".  Tonight’s the night. Yup. all little goblins will be walking house to house.  Hoping to get some treats. Me?  I'm staying home with the cat. Watching the S.N.O.W. come down. About a month early too, but, hey, that’s how the world is now days.  Changing.
Finally, finished working through the design of the Ham of the Year web page. Now, the hard part. "PAY FOR IT". Gads, now that’s not a nice trick at all. Boo or not!   But they're worth it. Somebody should always acknowledge the accomplishments of others: acknowledgement of significance!
With that, I'll leave you alone to go answer the front door...with the candy bowl, of course.
I'm off

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