Ancientone... (ancientone) wrote,

"Jingle Bells, Batman smells....."

YES. It's the week of "All Souls" and "All Saints". Ok, ok. Halloween and all that candy. YUM.  It's also "Happy Monday!". Happy, why?  Well, i folded up the lawnmower and put it away for next spring. I prepaired my boxes for the recycle people: thats this week. And lets see.....what else can i do to postpone trying to hitch up my new e-mail account????  I know. I'll count the number of November SNOW clouds that float by!  YES. Thats the ticket.  My ideas for the web site are forming. Shouldn't take up much room, thats good. I don't think i'll need a gigabyte space!
Ah, this is great weather. No Mosquitoes, no more heat sweating. YAY. We made it. Now all we have to do is put up with snow, icy everything, more snow and COLD!  ah, and we've been waiting for this????  "WE"RE NUTS!".
I'm off

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