Ancientone... (ancientone) wrote,

Well, here we are. The Offical week of HALLOWEEN.

For Halloween, I'm going to get dressed up, and go to our clubs meeting. YAY. I bet that won'r scare anybody! Well, maybe the squirrels might take a double look when i leave the house. But that will be it.  decisions. should i put the lawn mower away for the season, or wait and see if the leafs all shed at the same time. HA HA HA. Snow in the forecast for the last part of this week. yuck.  Now thats a tad too early even for me. I'm not ready for the increase gas bill and shoveling snow. NOT YET.
I'm still working on the stupid officall 2013 Outlook mail thing. oh well. that is something that will keep me off the streets for a while, as i call Comcast for help.
ok, its Sunday.
I'm off


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