Ancientone... (ancientone) wrote,

It's TGIF and .......S.N.O.W. is in the forecast for next week.

Winter is closer than we think. Today, being TGIF, is the day i get to fight with comcast over my 2nd e-mail address. I created an Additional e-mail address for the Ham of the Year program. didn't work!  Today is the day i roll up my sleeves and give them what for.
Ok, i'm dreaming.  I'll be polite and say Yes mam,No mam.   maybe i'll actually get it by the end of this month?
I'm watching the funeral of Elija Cumming. A great, compassionet man. We need more of them in goverment, at all levels.
Ok, go party or rake the leves, or  just have TGIF!
I'm off


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