Ancientone... (ancientone) wrote,

Yay, it's "HUMP DAY". again...

Well we made it. half way through the week. And....not one snow flake to be seen. YAY us. Today is lucky Wednesday ( a.k.a. Hump day) because i get to design a new web site, from scrach. YAY me.  I also get to decide if i want to go out with my pals for dinner. The pizza ranch is becoming my favorite. Any restrurant that carries red cabbage in their salad bar is my hero!  But there's work to be done today too. I hate cleaning out my "junk". They all have memories for me, to keep me warm at night?  Naw. they just take up space. So a tossing i will go.
Not to mention sorting out the music collection. oh boy. now that's going to take time.
ok, i'm off

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