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Hey everybody....It's Labor Day Weekend. Yeah......

Now lets all of us go into labor?????
( pinches self...) It's heck when your tired and you decide to do the laundry. I can't even bring myself up to watching Cartoon Network. Well, the great Satellite dish moving trial is coming up on saturday. directv gave me a deal I can't refuse. A dish, a multiple Satellite receiver and cable for free..If I get local channels for $5 a month. Now thats pretty good. but heres the problem. all of my neighbors trees have grown. I am starting to lose channels now. Showtime is gone, as is Sundance and The Movie Channel. So, I just happen to have this fold over 48 foot tower in my back yard. yeahs....but I have to have somebody climb up it to fine tune the dish. all of my friends are typical Americans. overweight and getting old. yuck..If we can't do it saturday, I guess I'll have to go to land based cable. gads. you should see all the non-sense they put into your house now days.. But, I suppose I could forego the cable and just buy anime. yeahs....
It won't happen. Nobody here likes anime except for me. "Leave it to Beaver?" , The Andy Griffiths show?" oh please. I had a hard time watching them when they were first run....

Does sound like its a little self indulgent, but hey, I don't drink, I don't smoke and I don't date.( all those cooties you know!) ok ok. I shouldn't do it.. I know...

More later..

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