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" The First day of September...and Lain is on my anime calendar!"

I woke up to the delightful sound of scraping and cussing. My bro's friend kelly was over getting our front porch ready for paint. So, I covered my head with my pillow, it was only 11:30AM. My gosh, the birds and squirrels are not even up yet! But then I saw how hard he was working, so I put on the coffee pot. Today was the GOP next to the next to the last meeting. yeah.
yuck. I thought I might be better off if I got an objective opinion. I went and got a hair cut. No good. His son who works with him, hadn't even registered. Now thats the pits. Come on folks, have a say in what goes on in OUR country.

But, now I'm watching Gasaraki and I really am starting to like it.
Ok, I'll be back later.

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