Ancientone... (ancientone) wrote,

Yes, boys and girls, that icon above is of FALL 2019. And its TGIF.

Yup. the leaves are not turning. YET!  But they will. you just watch and see. I know once the grass dries out from last nights rain, the leaves will fall like a brick!  Just watch what i say.   And it's TGIF.  I'm excited. We got the last of the window blinds installed yesterday. ( well, ok, Rich D did the actual work, I did the supervising with a cat running about). But what a difference!  No more curtains for me. Now, the next step. The Dinning room. Yikes. now that is going to take work. But first off, i have to tear up the junk from the living room. Good thing its Friday. It'll take the weekend to rest up if i get done with all the things i have planed to do.
of course, priorities first: hold the cat in my lap.
I'm off

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