Ancientone... (ancientone) wrote,

another great day.

Today is the difficult one.  continual with the cleaning and changing the room. unload all the dvd's and dust and then move the shelve back. about 2 hours worth of work. But oh the sorting. my goodness. and sort through college text books from 1972 or so. Wow, i still have them. $29.95 for my psychology text book back then. Now, $186.00 or higher!   and its not the same content that my older book has. I keep then if somebody asked me a question when they're going to graduate school. It always feels good to take what one has experienced in life, and share it will others.
I guess i had better get with it. Nuts. thats a lot of work to do....."Do i see any volunteers out there??"   Didn't think so. sorting and lifting junk is Tedious work. Yuck.
I'm off


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