Ancientone... (ancientone) wrote,

A trip down memory lane....

Last night, instead of going right to bed, i tried to find out why 12000 files hadn't been restored.Duh, they hadn't been backed up, at lease on the backup i did last week Saturday. I searched and discovered them on my older backup hard drive: 12000 files of MUSIC!  I looked it over, and played music from Toto, Blue Oyster , Led Zepplin, and Green Door. That one was from the 50's!  I have a lot of music. Sofphie Tucker,Jimmy and nose. Wow, i just couldn't pull myself away from all the music i have. Today's assignment: copy all 12000 files into my new and vastly improved computer. Good day to do it too, it's going to rain. can't saw limbs in the rain.
ok, i'm off, california dreaming....

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