Ancientone... (ancientone) wrote,

HEY, not only is it "TGIF", it's also FRIDAY THE 13th. Jason's birthday?

Yes, we made it. It's TGIF and also Jason's birthday, Friday the 13th. What a pair!  Thanks to Rich D's help, i restored 500 gigs of data and stuff and now my computer works just fine, and its faster loaded too.
I didn't feel too hot yesterday, Mr.arthritis was visiting, going from room to room, when my neighbor called to tell me a branch had fell across her fence. So.......I got out my trusty saw ( thanks again Rich D) and proceded to saw and saw a few kind of large branches in half. well, truth be told, they weren't really large branches so much as kind of large twigs, spread out. but it took me a time to lift and twist them out and finally clear her fence. the only damage as far as i can see, is a little piece of wood snaped off.  2 1/2 miles south of us, was a different story.
ok, i'm off

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