Ancientone... (ancientone) wrote,

Yes, its gargoyles season.

Well that was kind of a wasted evening. I turned down a dinner invitation due to our meeting last night. only thing is, nobody called or showed up to give me a lift. No, i don't usually have to call anybody. they just show up. But truth be known, this is a special week. Everybody will be busy taking care of loose ends before the setup Friday and the super swap Saturday. No harm done.
That gave me time to explore the new world of computer billing. YAY me. When the billing system goofs up, it's always your mistake, not their really expensive computer system. LOL. That right, and i'm a Mongolian skin diver!.
oh well, got it all straightened out. Only had to chat with a customer represneative from a foreign country for half an hour. ah...the good old days.
ok i'm off


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