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ah, it's HUMP DAY. again. yet. But now, in the fall.

Yes sir, Hump Day has returned. Today is quiet Wedneday. The only thing i have planed is the meeting tonight and help my neighbor out: her sister-in-law passed away. She's gone to the furneral.  It's also delivery day: i have about 8 packages supposed to arrive today. For my neighbor and my pal. Nothing for me till tomorrow. Thats when the furnace filters arrive. Yup. I'm getting ready for winter. it's coming. some time this year, i'm sure.  I also  have to replace my ink jet cartridge. YUCK. Say, do thonse things leak ink?
I finally figured out that my game controller wasn't what it was supposed to be: it got wore out! I replaced it and decided what the heck, i erased my two games and redid the whole ps-4. took 3 hours, but it works better. Maybe theres a ps-5 in  my future???? hint hint.
ok, i'm off


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