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It's TGIF ( and the last weekend in August)

YAY us. it's TGIF and the last full weekend in August. Christmas is just around the corner. And, school has started up again. What more could we want?  a few pleseant months of nice, warm, breezie weather before the COLD AND SNOW arrives. That would be a start. But, I'll take what comes my way. Yesterday i hid my face as the yard waste driver kept flipping the cart to empty the contents of the cart. I guess i kind of packed it tight? But she got both of them emptied. Good for her. Now if it doesn't rain, i'll fill the carts up again for next Thursday pick up.  I listened to the Beach Boys "God only knows", serveral  times yesterday. that tune just keeps runing through my mind. catchy, isn't it.
ok, I'm off

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