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wow, we just went through the last Hump day of August.YAY us.

Here we are, Fall 2019.  "Can you tell any difference?"  Me neighter. Well, except for the loss of minutes till sunset. That is shrinking kind of fast now days.  Well, i did it. got the branches cut up and packed into two yard waste carts. Then got a phone call from my neighbor: she smelled a gas leak. It was. DTE came out before she was done talking to me on the phone. one of the connectors wasn't tight enought. They fixed that and checked my metter too. OK. Now we're set for the heating season. YUCK. I've got a lot of leaves and grass to take care of before that comes along.
Today is grocery day, abbrivaeted style. I'm still deciding what to eat. My menu needs improving.
Ok, i'm off


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