Ancientone... (ancientone) wrote,

The Laughing man returns.

Hey, we made it. It's HAPPY THURSDAY. Happy? yup. I may work on sawing down some more branches or not. I may mow the lawn, or not. It's HAPPY THURSDAY. Grocery day. yuck. But, its going to be a beautiful 5 days. No rain. low dew points and humidity goes to another state. YAY. Went out to dinner with the bunch last night. We visited "Chinese Chef". it's on Lake Michigan drive and Wilson. really nice menu and really great price.
My neighbor stopped by last night before I left for dinner and wanted to see what work I had accomplished. It's a mess, but it will be taken care of. just take a few yard waste carts to do it. Can't believe I've been sawing branches for 4 days. and I still have to clean them up. yuck.
ok, I'm off
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