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Ok, so where is the S.N.O.W ?????

What the hey is this anyway? Here it is, December 5th, and the temp is hovering around 65 degrees, the grass looks like I might be able to mow it tomorrow and what I really want to know is......" How is Santa going to get to my house if there's no SNOW?"
There, I'm glad thats off my chest. Well, it's been a whole 8 days of me taking the antibiotics stuff. Man, my sinuses were messed up more than I could tell. Sleep, sleep and drink plenty of water. ( Why doesn't your body tell you to drink plenty of Coke or Pepsis??)
My brother got the Inkjet card paper so I'm going to create our very own Christmass cards this year. Should be interesting.
My CD Rom computer drive has got arthritis. yuck. This I don't need now. thank you very much.
So, back to the creating thing and yogi seems to feel better.

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