Ancientone... (ancientone) wrote,

Gee, it is so nice out tonight....

I just had a friend stop by to check on my buying donuts??? You see, theres a new donut shop down the street, and I've never been in there. Today, I talked my friend into taking me there. Yum!!!! Blue Berry donuts??? oh they smelled so good. I got some, and some apple and Cherry fritters and others.
So tonight he tried one. yum..... He's the dude who has to have everything that is the newest. He told me how watching the Olympics in HDTV was. I could unplug his coax connector!
oh well.. I'm hurting from this darn weather: it didn't get any warmer than 67 degrees today, and tonight, its supposed to go down to 40's.. August 22????
sure. you bet....
now, back to New Domion Tank with Leona...
and Bonaparte too.
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