Ancientone... (ancientone) wrote,

Yes, here it is. miwasatoshi's birthday is today.

"Happiness is a warm gun!" That's what the Beatles sang in the WHITE ALBUM. I'm singing "Happiness is a warm, fuzzy cat", sleeping inches away from my face, when the temp is 92 and we have this big blow out of wind, of 1 to 5 mph, coming over the hot road. ah....I've waited for this all winter. I wish I could still wait! This is nuts. I can't work outside for longer than 5 minutes before I imitates Niagra falls. No, I did not wish for this back in February. oh well, only 4 months till....
Today, with luck, is grocery day and watch the storm roll in. should be here by 10AM. I wonder how in the world street people survive in this weather? it's either 21 degrees outside, or 92!
So here I go.
I'm off ( and sweating)

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