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"That was summer???"

Ok, its been almost 10 days or so since I last updated this lj. Lets see.....The roofers started at 11:20AM thursday and were done around 7:30PM Friday( this was last week, not this week). Not bad.....Then Saturday, during clean up, they discovered my chimney was about to fall over.( I looked from my neighbors yard and you could see right through it. So.....Not only did I spend all of this years and next years anime money on roofing, but also putting up a new chimney. yippee... But its done and it won't leak on my bed anymore.
My arthritis has really been acting up the last couple of days. I mean, really bad. If this stupid thing doesn't back off, I may experience a loss of use of my left arm,hand..Its that bad. yuckie.
I'm so tired right now. I'll really do a job on this later today.

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