Ancientone... (ancientone) wrote,

Wow. Now thats Hot and steamy and humid.

We now have about 10 days of this non-sense. Global warming is here, indeed. Right now I am sitting in front of my home made computer and hearing the AC fans blowing cool air at my back. If I step out of this room, I can experience what a thanksgiving day turkey feels like, while its being roasted! ( and I don't come with stuffing either).
So, what does one do on a yuckie day like this? Can't really watch TV, though, I did watch "GOT" last night. that show really grows on you. I don't think we really need that much eye candy. I've seen more bare flesh than I did when I worked out at the gym.
But, its a great series.
so, I do have computer stuff to do. design my next computer. YAY Me. Did you know that Gigabyte is the last motherboard Manufacturing plant in Korea? I didn't either. Ok, time to go hold a HOT cat.
I'm off ( and sweating)

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