Ancientone... (ancientone) wrote,

Wow. the 4th of July was LOUD.

I looked around this morning, for mortal craters. None could be found. But it sure sounded like we were in a shooting war. My poor neighbor got the worse of it. some of the bangs went off right next to her house. My cat? I didn't see him till around 2 AM. I almost forgot to roll out the trash cart, so in my PJ"s, I rolled it out, with bangs and flashes of colorful lights brightening up the sky. and also me in PJs! I hope they got an eye full.
So today, feels like its more humid than last night. "Did you all hear the thunder?" I thought CSX had laid railroad tracks outside my window. loud it was.
ok, time to get with it. "To mow, or not to mow" that really isn't a question at all, is it.
ok, I'm off

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