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"Ah..the sound of pounding, shingles being ripped off..."

Makes your blood curl, doesn't it.... Well, the roof really needs it and gosh, I can't do that kind of work anymore and .....theres no way I could do it under 2 days!.
Today, I get to write yet another article for a newsletter, write a note to apologize to a customer repre. Yes, if I blow up, I do apologize, even if it was ok for me to blow up. ( customer repres do not make policy, but just try and contact the folks who do. ha!)
Did I say it is C.O.L.D. over here today? 59 degrees at 1PM.
This is the screwiest weather I think I've ever seen. My two butternut trees seem to be out of syn for some reason, and all my backyard critters are stressed too....
more later.

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