Ancientone... (ancientone) wrote,

It's Happy Saturday.

the kids are out going to the park, or the city swiming pool. Me?  I'm sitting inside, getting ready to walk up to the gas station and get some lawn mower gasoline.  YAY me. Yay, no ice, snow or soggy weather.  Right now, that is. Next Friday is the summer Equinox . YAY. it's down hill from there. Days get shorter, the leaves think about turning color, and way up north, beyond where Santa Claus lives, theres a snow cloud.  What dreams may come.
But till then, fill prescriptions, get petrol, and walk and walk. ( and lose weight and reduce size)  I almost got on my 38 size jeans. almost. hip bones have to shrink first. that may take about a year or so. Not bad. from size 52 to 40. not too shabby. Now lets see if i can get down to a manageble weight and size. No, not size 34 and wight 150. NO WAY.
ok, time to put my walking shoes on. YUCK.
I'm off ( and loving it)


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