Ancientone... (ancientone) wrote,

it's happy, sappy Monday. and the laundry is already done.

I'm one sharp dude. I got my laundry done yesterday, watched Boston beat up Saint L. blues on ice. and turned in my blood pressure reading to my Dr. He already replied: ok and rub scooter the cats ears. That was from my Dr. No, he's not a vet. Just a human Dr. I made a "thing" for Jack, for the Face Book page. I can't believe all of the software programs I used to use, are gone! or, won't work in Windows 7. Forget window's 10. There's no way they'd work in that system. But after fiddling about, I got kind of what I wanted. Kind of, I said. We'll see.
so today is catch up on house things. Yay me.
Hope Thom is back home today.
ok, I'm off

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