Ancientone... (ancientone) wrote,

"Do you know what day this is?" YES....It's HAPPY HUMP DAY. ( whatever that means.)

so here we are. Happy Hump Day.   I guess i'm supposed to keep an eye out for a wandering camel?? The cigarette or the animal?
Busy week. I got a sharp looking hair cut yesterday. ( any day i get a hair cut, it is sharp). The barber even wrapped my head in a hot towel. What service.  Then we had the net, but i was so lazy, due to the beautiful weather, I didn't really come up with a topic. Late spring and early summer are like that for me. after fighting with the weather all fall through winter, i get relaxed about this time of year. YAY me. But i was already plaining the contends of the next newsletter. This time, there will be 4 newsletters.
Tonight a meeting, tomorrow, grocerys, Friday another meeting. Then......( place a drum roll here) type up both club meetings.    ah. life is good.
ok, I'm off
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