Ancientone... (ancientone) wrote,

Happy June 1st.

Yes, we made it. May is all gone. so why did the cat wake me up at 3:29AM to thunder claps and rain pouring down? Either, we're saying good bye to May, or, just maybe, Hello to June?
I hope this month is going to be drier than May. My lawn was mowed a week ago, and it needs it again. Yuck. But, the wonderful aroma of spring is floating in the air. smells so good. unlike smelling, or trying to, smell snow and falling ice, spring is nice.
Finally, my tummy seems to be almost back to normal. so much for stir fried shrimp. I guess age may have something to do with it. like, my body doesn't seem to like oodles of grease anymore. Burger King is ok, but some of the greasy spoons are not.
Ok, time to go.
I'm off
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