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"Wow, now that was a lot of work....."

No, not that. The icon over to your left there. WOW. I can't believe how many steps were involved. But its done. Yeah.....
"I'd like to thank the academy for ....."
Well, we won't be having that new zoo. The good folks of this community voted it down. Yeahs...Now they can take jurnor to the present zoo and watch all the critters go back and forth, back and forth... I bet all these knuckleheads vote fot GW this coming November. on the home front, there seems to be a madness going around. its called lets sell this $24,000.00 house for $100,000.00 and there getting it! Now I've seen everything. Good lord. Wake up folks.

I guess folks simply dig deeper,. but what happens when theres no more money coming out of their wallets????
Think ahead, maybe???
Enough. Time to go to beddy by.
nighty night.
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