Ancientone... (ancientone) wrote,

Yes, I'm one happy camper. It's Saturday and no rain, or snow, or ice and the sky is blue and clear.

Ah, Spring has finally pushed winter away. far away I hope. at least till November or early December. But with this change in weather patterns, my arthritis is acting up not nice. But it will change. Now if only this weather would stay this way for about, lets say, 7 months! That would be nice.
Had a nice meeting last night. Then a so-so dinner. The company was great.
I kind of got up early Friday, so when I got home from the dinner, I started to say the Rosary. ha ha ha. I fell asleep before the 11pm news and didn't get up till 2:45AM! I must have been one tired camper!
But, I'm back and got things to do. but that can wait. till I'm kind of tired of enjoying the beautiful weather. ah........
I'm off

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