Ancientone... (ancientone) wrote,

Yes, Live Journal is 20 years young......Yesterday.

It's Hump; day. YAY. that means we can..............   Ok, so i don't know what Hump Day signifies, but they have Commercials running it all the time, and the TV wouldn't lie....would they??
Today started off with a flood of e-mails from Amazon: their local shippers ran into a problem, and couldn't make delivery yesterday. And, Amazon sent me a note telling me about it. Then today, i got a note saying it would be delivered TODAY. Thats almost less than 18 hours since the misshap.
I'm saddened about the horrific fire in Paris. And this is Holy week too. It will draw people together.
I also received a telephone call from Mr.Eddy, W8NZW. you know, the guy who turned 100 in January. Fixed him right up with his Preist Nephew Father Don. Boy, everything was going great.
so back to work.
I'm off

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