Ancientone... (ancientone) wrote,

ah ha..... it's Saturday. and the sun is out and its 60 degrees....

We've been waiting for this weather all of the last 6 months! We deserve it. Now, put the rake away and lets go have some out door fun. like, raking?????
No, just enjoy the beautiful weather. I still have a block of ice and snow by the curb. maybe today will finally get rid of it.
We had our monthly club meeting last night. We got done with everything we needed to finish. and then on to DMR. an interesting presentation on Digital Mobile Radio. ( you should look that up on Google for a more detailed explanation) Then we went out to eat. that was so so.
Than I got home and came down with the chills???? What the hey??? Just the chills, nothing else. But me and the cat slept nicely and still managed to get up at 8:14AM. and on a Saturday too.
Nuts. I want to sleep in on the weekend! That's what the weekends are for, right??
Ok, put your cut offs on and go for a nice walk around the block.
I'm off.

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