Ancientone... (ancientone) wrote,

My front yard was.....

A display of contractors machinery's heavy equipment. The only thing missing yesterday morning was a earth mover and grader. But they filled in the hole and i hope, they've connected the pipes together. The new ones that is. It was also the day i broke up this huge piece of ice into smaller pieces, so the sun could get to it. I haven't looked yet today, but hopefully, winter 2019 is not-a fond memory. Today is grocery day and snuggle with the cat. He's getting, or should i say, has gotten old of late, and likes to nap a lot. a lot of time on my lap. which is ok, unless someone comes to the door or the phone rings.
Yay, the last full week of one nasty, cold winter. YAY US.
ok i'm off

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