Ancientone... (ancientone) wrote,

Yes, we made it! It's "HUMP DAY".

How lucky am i.  How many "older" kids, get a crane parked in front of their house over night.  A dream come true. Then this morning, i had a backhoe, a ditch digger and another machine i've never seen before. it looked like it was pushing and pulling the new gas line underground. That's my Hump Day start.
Now i've got a trash cart to pack and roll out, receive a nice package of stuff i forgot what i ordered. Ah, Hump Day.
Ive got ideas on how to create a new web site for the Ham of the year.  i'll keep you guessing. ( that should indicate i have no firm idea of what its going to look like and contain.)
Ok, time to get on with it.
I'm off
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