Ancientone... (ancientone) wrote,

YAY. The plumbers are here.

One step closer to having my very first shower.  So i can use all of your help. The only shower i ever took was during gym in school and college. So, taking a shower at  home must be different, Right?  questions: 1. do i remove my Clothes 2. Do i use soap? 3.  is there a "Dry" cycle?
This is going to be a learning situation, i can tell.
So, here we are, after "Hump" day and just a tad before TGIF.   "Did you get ashed yesterday?"  I kind of did, seeing how i can't walk through all this icy ice and mountains of snow, I "Ashed" myself.  most of my neighbors merely think i have bad cleaning habits. oh well.
Today, i'm ready to pull the newsletter together. Wow, there is so much stuff, I'll have to wait and use some of the non-timed material for the next issue.
well, time to go.
I'm off

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