Ancientone... (ancientone) wrote,

I don't care what you say.....I love dragons...

Today is starting out great. The recyle truck came and even while the cart was at an angle, he picked it right up. Good driver!  Now to wait and see if the trash guy can do the same.  Talking about normal household jobs should give you a clue that life can seem boring, but really, it is an adventure. exciting, thrill packed! You never know whats going to happen.
to finish out the day, while i'll go and fight the old people at the grocery store!   Watch out for those people driving those electric carts!   Old age seems to give them a sense that whatever they do, is ok. as long as they get to the whats-on-sale display.
ok ok. I'll probably be using one of those carts sooner or later.
time to start doing the rest of the work.  what a day.
I'm off

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