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"Well, its another Saturday night......."

....and I'm sitting here like an idiot, wondering why I'm sitting here ( repeat this sentence as needed!)

I think I'm really allergic to cats! Of all things. This is sudden too. I was holding kitties, snuggling with them, then about 5 weeks ago, I noticed some strange things going on with my body whenever a cat was around: legs felt itchy, felt like a large rubber band around my chest and it was getting hard to breath. You know, little things like that..
But I couldn't believe I was becoming allergic that suddent. like somebody snapped their fingers. oh well...
I guess this will have to wait till I get that physical next month. yippie...

I do have other pressing things on my mind. Like what does "Client Hold" means when your web site is gone????
It just keeps on getting better.....
ok, back to deciding if I want to watch "Serial Experiment Lain" or something else....

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