Ancientone... (ancientone) wrote,

Ice storm! All of the schools are closed again.

So, there's no global warming, huh?   Go back to 8th grade and finish your science project for class!
Wow, I was kept up last night by hearing rain drops hitting my bedroom window!  February 6th??
Lets see, snow storm covers the sidewalk and drive way. warm weather melts the snow and puts water over ice on the sidewalk. Now sleet falls and covers everything. Yeah, i think i have it. Our club meeting has been cancelled. "GOOD CALL!". I'm spending time thinking how i'm going to wheel the trash and recycle carts down to the curb.  Without falling flat on my personality!
What a winter!  But , it means i have to stay inside and get all that stuff done i've been delaying doing. NUTS!  Now i have no reason to not do it.
oh well.
 back to cuddling the kitty kat.
I'm off

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