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"Friday....friggin Friday...."

I woke up in a great, arthritis pain free,mood...Yeah.... I suspect thats from the 18 degrees difference between yesterday and today. It almost feels cold outside.
I looked across the street and my neighbor, whose mere touch of her finger causes all forms of plant life to wither, had bought some greenery for her yard. $400.00 worth. Tears were forming in my eyes as I glanced at all the beautiful green life, that would be turned to toasty brown by summers end. Oh the horror....
Then I saw my brother chatting with a lady who was taking a photograph of our neighbors house. Thats the house that was owned by our friend one who died June 1st. They're putting the little house up for sale. $93,000.00. Not bad...considering it only cost about $17,000.00 to build 60 years ago.... progress marches on....
Now I'm waiting for the UPS dude. I ordered Boogie Pop Phantom. at about $7.50 for each DVD, its worth it just to have something to watch during the long, cold winter. ( Rightstuf is having a sale.)
Ok dokay. I'll be back...
Yes Arnold....I'm a girlie dude.....

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