Ancientone... (ancientone) wrote,

What a week! sub-zero temps....lake effect snow for days...the natural gas compressure station is

shut down till last night.  What a week. But we're on the right road to warming up over the weekend. except for the thunder storms????
All of this, in my classically educatied college courses, is the result of  a " Modified Biosphere".
So, in a while, i have to go outside to shovel a path to the street so i can go and get some grcoeries. either that, or munch on some carbord. I'm ok, its just the four legged pal who needs yummies. and me too.
Me too has a 5 day laundry to do and make some announcements about our postponed club meetings. Good call. it is still too dangerous to get outside.
So, i  guess i should bundle up and get the old shovel going. Yuck.
ok, i'm off

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