Ancientone... (ancientone) wrote,


I actually tried to shovel snow yesterday.  "WHAT AN IDIOT I WAS!". 9 minutes is all i could take before i started feeling the cold prick my fingers. Now, i get to hibertate till late Thursday?  There's no such thing as global warming. So help me, if i find one person to say that, i'll make a snowman of him and toss snowballs at it.  Yesterday, it was 125 degrees in the land down under!
Ok, so on to my schedule for the rest of the days?  Today, empty the kitty litter thing, maybe do a wash and really get stupid and try to increase the path for the mailman. That poor man does not get paid enough to do this.
oh, and move the 2 meter net to the clubs other repeater. Long story. sad, but true.
oh, did i mention snuggling with the cat?  well, thats number one on my list for the next 73 hours.
ok, here we go.....
I'm off

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