Ancientone... (ancientone) wrote,

Well, i finally met a day i couldn't do it!

Yup. Yesterday was a first. I couldn't walk across the street to roll my neighbors recycle cart back to her house. I started out ok, but when I got to the icy sidewalk, and couldn't get a firm step hold on the bumpy ice, I decided not to even try walking on the bumpy, icy street! I was right. my neighbor came home for lunch and slid right across her driveway! Bad icy street. However, we went grocery shopping later on, and my street was the worse. Plainfield was the best. wet, but no ice.
and no, I can not shovel ice, hard, heavy ice off a sidewalk. Sorry, plastic shovels just can't do the job, and seeing how I don't have an air hammer.....
ok, time to stay warm! That goes for all of you too. we very well set new cold records within the next 10 days!
I'm off ( snuggling with the scooter the cat. he's warm)

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