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Wow, a weeks gone

Well, I can't believe it has taken me a whole week to update this thing. What a week too! Yogi, my Samoyed rescue pooch, is having a most difficult time lifting his rear off the floor. This isn't good. He has arthritis, but he was ok yesterday and today this. I called our vet and pray he'll be ok.
Mister drip drip,drip nasal junk won out! Yes sir ree bob, today my Dr., who wasn't even in his office, put me on antibiotics. Yuck! But I can feel them working as I type. I lost another friend today. Cancer of the heart. Thats the third one within the last 12 months. And I don't feel that hot either.
Nuts. Friday I really blew up at my brother, his friend and the whole world. They bough a wooden board with the idea of making a ramp so Yogi can get down the front stairs. Well, dumb and dumber got this idea of having Yogi go down the board to get an idea of what needs to be done. SO here is trusting yogi, walking right up on the board, and then, spat. His rear legs shot out from each side of his arthritic body and he slid down the rest of the way. I knew this must have just about killed him with the pain. But, good old yogi didn't howl once. Till tonight. He want's to get up and he can't without help.
Time to sleep. I really don't want to think about what I might have to do later tomorrow or Thursday.

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