Ancientone... (ancientone) wrote,

It's 9:45am and its only 15 degrees......and snowing.

YES!  it's snowing.   it's also extreamly cold.  another YES. and i'll have to go out and shovel this stuff.   NOOOOOOO!
I said i like it when it snows. I never said i liked to shovel it. and today i'll have to shovel it.  While i'm able!  we're actually heading towards below zero for tomorrow morning and Monday morning.  Yay....I think.  A terrible time to kick in the next phase of my changing my lifestyle. Yuck.
But, on the lighter side, this is a great day for Candian pea soup! Yup.
Ok, time to change shoes.  "Film at eleven???"  lets hope not.
I'm off


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