Ancientone... (ancientone) wrote,

So here we are....soggy, warm and no snow Monday....on January 7TH?

So what is my secrete to ripping up my bills?  Why simple: the companies keep sending me their bills, after I've already paid them on line. So, my neighbor comes over seeing me tearing up bills and tossing them in the trash. Makes you feel great.
Yesterday i walked up to the avenue to mail a memorial card to a guy who couldn't made the funeral. I discovered ":BLACK ICE". on the sidewalk!  Scary. one moment your foot is on dry concrete, the next, your imitating hockey players.
But it was ok. I got a lot done, but still more to do. work is like that, isn't it. Never completely finished.  always something to look forward too.
ok, time to get with in. i think.
I'm off

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